Loose skin, wrinkles, eye bags and that deep tough under the eyelids on the lower lid together with hooding of the upper eyelids are some of the first unwelcome signs of aging. The changes often make people look tired or unfriendly, however these effects can be treated with eye lid lifting or Blepharoplasty as it is called.

Blepharoplasty can be done just on the upper eyelids. This is sometimes necessary when the upper eyelid are interfering with vision. However it is often done on all eyelids at the same time.

For the upper lids excess skin is excised so that the scar line lies in the crease of the upper lid when the eye is open the only part of the scar that is visible is that portion in the crows feet area. Often it is necessary to excise some excess muscle with the skin. On the lower eyelid the incision is just under the eyelashes then out into the crows feet lines. The loose skin and muscle is lifted up obliquely to the sides to smooth out the lower eyelids.

In the eyelid there is no fat just under and the skin but there is deeper fat that can bulge forwards as the wall called a septum containing it stretches with age. This is much more common in the lower eyelid where it can form eye bags. Sometimes it is necessary to excise some of the fat but usually we tighten the septum or wall to push the fat back where it come from. This prevents the sunken eye look.

Blepharoplasty can be done under local anaesthesia in the rooms or under general anaesthesia in Hospital. Post operatively there will be some swelling and a little bruising but there should not be much pain. The stiches are usually removed around 6 days and if you have all the eyelids done you may need one week off work mainly due to the stitches being visible. Your vision may be slightly affected by excess mucous secretion for the first few days.

Blepharoplasty is a worthwhile procedure and can make a big difference to your appearance.